Dr. Lina Wang(王丽娜)


Dr. Lina Wang

eMail:  wanglina147@126.com

Phone Number(s):

Direct: +86-21-54343055


Room 1205, Administrative Building

Departmental Address:

Center for PDE
East China Normal University
500 Dongchuan Road
Minhang 200241
Shanghai, China

Research Interests:
The existence and stability of traveling waves in reaction-diffusion systems and parabolic and hyperbolic coupled systems.
Recent Publications (from MathSciNet):
MR3064257 Reviewed Wang, Lina; Shao, Hailei; Wu, Yaping Stability of travelling front solutions for a forest dynamical system with cross-diffusion. IMA J. Appl. Math. 78 (2013), no. 3, 494–512. 92D40 (35B35 35C07 35M30)
Publication Year 2013 Indexed 2013-09-11 Review Published2013-12-02
MR2787047 Reviewed Wang, Lina; Wu, Yaping; Li, Tong Exponential stability of large-amplitude traveling fronts for quasi-linear relaxation systems with diffusion. Phys. D 240 (2011), no. 11, 971–983. 35C07 (34B40)
Publication Year 2011 Indexed 2011-08-31 Review Published2011-10-05

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